Terrie Robinson, at the time Dance Supervisor at Cats Hamburg, gave me the book, ‘The Garden Behind the Moon’ written by Howard Pyle, as an idea for a Musical. After writing the music and lyrics, based on her choreographic and staging concepts, we held a large workshop in Hamburg with 20 professional dancers and singers. We then took it to Maui, where Terrie was living. It was staged in it’s basic form comprising performers from Hamburg and a unique cast of people from the island who really embodied the spirit of the piece and its characters.

In 2004 it was staged with a full cast of 25, including 10 children, at Brantford, Ontario, which was made possible by the tenacity of Juliann Kuchocki who was really on a mission to bring it to the world’s attention.

It was for all that took part a special, positive and memorable experience. The song I’ve chosen, ‘The Man in the Moon’, sung by Brian Bowley and Dino Di Iorrio, just has good memories for me of that time. Eternal thanks to everyone!


Song-The Man In The Moon

The moment when David reaches the Moon and meets the Man in the Moon, who is a hectic, busy man who’s job it is to do everything that no-one else wants to do. He’s happy to have David there but irritated that he distracts him from his work. It’s a patter duet. light hearted with a dance break.