Lisa Morris

Dylan Vaughn

Music Revolution Music Publishers

Ton 4 Music Publishers

Anika Bollmann

Rona Walter

My ever faithful friend with the amazing business skills

My friend, great guitarist, creative soul and free spirit

My horror loving author and lovely friend

An ex-student of mine who's making her way in the world.

Australian music publisher

American music publisher

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Good friends with a very ambitious theatre production company

Here are links to some close associates and friends who deserve some recognition and thanks.

Excellent music production and great drummer

Rene Uyumaz

Interesting and effective vocal technique method

Complete Vocal Technique

Roba Music Publishers

German music publisher

Highly recommendable audio visual production company

My favourite event of the year

Music Rocks




The worlds largest childrens choir event

Young Voices

Inquisitive Pictures Productions

Musical Creations Entertainment