Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition

Hollywood Brass Diamond Edition

Hollywood Woodwind Diamond Edition

Hollywood Percussion Diamond Edition

Hollywood Symphonic Choirs Platinum

Hollywood Pianos Platinum Edition

Hollywood Spaces Reverb

Spitfire Albion Orchestral Library

Omnisphere 1.5

Pianoteq Stage piano

Native Instruments Komplete 5

Session Strings Pro

Session Horns




Miroslav Vitus Orchestral Library,

diverse choir, world, percussion and ethnic libraries

I have had the pleasure of recording and producing literally hundreds of songs, soundtracks, text overdubs, and writing arrangements which have been played, performed or broadcast all over the world.

My studio has gone through a lot of transformation and equipment over the last 25 years to what meets my requirements today. That is, a multimedia studio to prepare and produce music for commercial, theatre and media productions.

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Roland A90 Controller Keyboard

Nektar ImpactLK88+ Controller Keyboard

Kurzweil K2500R

M-Audio Oxygen 96

Lexicon MPX1 Reverb Unit

DBX 266XL Compressor

Motu 828mk3 Audio/midi Interface

Mackie Micro Series 1402.VLZ Mixer

Mac Pro 8 Core 32 GB Memory

Imac 24

MacBook Pro

Cubase 8.5

Kontakt 5

Sibelius 6

AKG 3000 CD Microphone

Neumann TLM 102 Nickel Microphone

Genelec 1029A Monitor Speakers

Adam F5 Studio Monitor Speakers

• Production of high quality digital recordings, mixing and mastering

• Live recording of solo instrumentalists or singers

• Composition and recording for CD, film, television and theatre productions

• Transcription of music either by ear or from midi data

• Writing and preparation of musical arrangements

• Orchestration and printing of music for live shows, theatre or film sessions

• Collaboration with other production companies and studios

• The studio is regularly updated with the latest necessary soft and hardware