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Da Capo Magazine  (Still Friends)

Under Jon Mortimer’s Musical Direction, Pia Douwes and Annika Bruhns brought together an entertaining and very musical Programme. The 12 piece Band was in a class of it’s own and hardly comparable to many other concerts which have to make do with fewer musicians and therefore could never be able to create such a full sound.

Musicals Magazine  (Still Friends)

Excellent also are the arrangements written by Musical Director Jon Mortimer. With this new sound it makes the mostly well known songs fresh and new.

Musical Zentrale  (Still Friends)

Musically, the evening was on an excellent level. The decision by the team to have the evening accompanied by a 12 piece Band can only be   congratulated. The Musical Director, Jon Mortimer, obviously enjoyed himself and brought his musicians to the highest standards.

Terrie Robinson (Creator of the musical 'The Garden Behind The Moon')

Jon Mortimer was instrumental in bringing my production of "The Garden Behind the Moon" to life. He composed such wonderful music which reflected every moment I was seeking in the musical. The range and diversity of his composition was extraordinary. From a 10 minute children's ballet full of games, to a light musical song and dance for the Man in the Moon to an evil Iron mans gang with intricate rhythms. Each musical number told the story beautifully

Maui Evening Post (The Garden Behind The Moon)

A Musical with a fresh score and lush orchestration by Jon Mortimer.

Jon’s in depth knowledge of each musical instrument, the individual nuances and tone color, heighten the beauty and intensity of his arrangements. Jon is a pleasure to work with, always generous with his time and talent. I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking a first-class arranger/orchestrator.

The composer, Jon Mortimer, created the score around Robinson’s vision. He added distinctively Hawaiian and island influences to his world music sound, ranging from Salsa to rock n roll, all with melodies that lodge themselves in theatregoers’ brains, sending them home humming.

Nancy Leach (New York, Entertainment professional)

I have had the pleasure of working with Jon Mortimer as a Musical Director, Producer and Arranger. Most recently Jon created the musical arrangements for two of my self-contained musical shows, which premiered in November of 2012 onboard the MS Columbus 2. His arrangements received high accolades from the onboard orchestra, the entertainment manager, and were absolutely essential to the overall success of both productions. 

Leslie Giammanco (New York, M.Mus, Soprano)

Thank you so very much for all your help and creating some amazing charts for us. You are an amazing arranger and your charts are beautiful and easy to read. We certainly hope to work with you in the future.

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