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music for theatre, TV and film

Jon studied at the Leeds College of Music which offered the first jazz course in the UK, and afterwards graduated from the Birmingham Conservatoire having studied composition, conducting and piano with the renowned concert pianist Frank Wibaut. He also attended jazz courses privileged to study with the outstanding jazz pianists John Taylor and Gordon Beck.

He was always drawn to the diversity of music found in theatre, TV and film and directly after graduating in 1980, Jon served as Musical Director and Composer for the Birmingham Repertory Company. Productions included the play ‘The Triumph of Death’ in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company for which he composed his first soundtrack. Throughout that decade he composed for modern ballet, theatre and television productions in the UK. As a pianist and keyboard player he played countless gigs, orchestral concerts and tours throughout Great Britain and abroad, and as a studio musician for radio, T.V. and commercial recordings.

In 1991 Jon moved to Hamburg and has since then conducted or played keyboards for many of the major Musicals in Germany including Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Fosse, Mamma Mia, Lion King and Sister Act.

Jon has arranged and orchestrated music for many concerts, events and Musical productions. Alone in 2023 he arranged the complete music for the Abbamania European tour, Sixties Girls which is running at the Capitol Theatre in Düsseldorf and orchestral arrangements for the Robert Schumann Orchestra and the Thüringen Philharmonie Gotha - Eisenach Christmas Concert. Other credits over the years include music for the The Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra under Ingo Metzmacher, the Water Circus ‘Crescendo’ for Paris Euro Disney and the Musical ‘Teddy’, which was a commission from the Steiff Company.

Amongst his compositions is a Piano Concerto, 'Through A Passage Of Time' and the Musical ‘The Garden Behind the Moon’ which was staged with great success in Canada in 2004. 'Celtic Journey', for solo violin and orchestra was premiered in 2016 at the British Flair open air Proms Concert in Hamburg and repeated in 2019. For television he has written music for HTV and LWT in the UK, and NDR, NTV and ARD in Germany.

He has also composed many production music tracks for media published and sold world wide by Music Revolution, Roba and Tree Of Arts Music Publishers.

In his studio he prepares, records and produces music for solo artists, musical events, TV and film productions working in association with many composers, producers and larger recording studios.With an ever growing network of musicians in Germany, U.K. and America it's possible to bring together a complete spectrum of talents for all types of projects.

Jon is an accomplished and renowned accompanist, vocal coach and Musical Director at leading Musical Schools in Germany including the Joop van der Ende Acadamy, the Stage School in Hamburg and The Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, as well as many workshops, masterclasses and theatre projects.

Film, Television and Radio

2015 - Mercedes Benz 10 DVD film series: Casei Media - Composer

2010 - 16 Music Revolution Online Music Publishers - Composer

2010 - 16 Tree of Arts Online Music Publishers – Composer

2006 - Drama Series: Großstadt Revier NDR Hamburg - Session Keyboards

2003 - Drama Series:Tatort ARD Hamburg - Session Keyboards

2004 - Welt Spiegel Documentary: ARD Hamburg – Composer

2003 - Welt Bilder Documentary: NDR Hamburg - Composer

2001- Absolute Das Leben: ARD Hamburg - Composer

1998 - Sontakte Live Radio: NDR Hamburg - Musical Director, Arranger

1997 - Advertising Jingles: Capital Radio - Session Keyboards

1990 - Falabalam Childrens Program: HTV. Wales - Musical Director, Composer

1998 - Advertising Jingles: BRMB Radio - Session Keyboards

1996 - Music Library: LWT London – Composer

1985 - 90 Light Entertainment Shows: HTV. Wales - Session Keyboards

Teaching Work

Workshops and Master Classes for Complete Vocal Technique and Musical Theatre projects

Hamburg School Of Entertainment: Vocal Coach, Musical Director

Joop Van Den Ende Academy: Accompanist, Vocal Coach


Leeds College of Music

Birmingham Conservatoire: Graduate Course GBSM ABSM ARCM

Musicals, Shows and Events

Arranging and composition

2023 - Thüringen Philharmonie Gothe-Eisenach - Arranger       2023 - Sixties Girls Musical Capitol Theater Düsseldorf- Arranger

2022 - Abbamania European Tour - Arranger

2022 - Hofer Symphoniker, New Years Concert - Arranger

2021 - European Chamber Orchestra, Brunsbüttel - Arranger

2020 - Stars on Stage, On Stage, Braunschweig- Arranger

2020 - Klassik Philharmonie Hamburg- Arranger

2019 - MS Europa, New Zealand- Arranger for Jane Comerford 

2019 - Philharmonie Südwestfalen - Arranger, 

2015-19 - British Flair Proms Concert, Hamburg - Composer, Arranger

2016 - 24 Hour Musicai: Musical Creations-Composer

2016 - Music Rocks! 2015, 2016: Choir & Orchestra Concerts - Arranger

2016 - Young Voices: 6000 strong childrens choir – Arranger

2004 -Teddy: Steiff GmbH, Munich - Arranger, Musical Director

2002 -The Twits: Belgrade Theatre UK Tour - Arranger, Studio Production

2000 -The Garden Behind the Moon: Makana Productions – Composer, Studio Production

1997 - Crescend’O: Paris, Cirque d’Hiver, Euro Disney - Arranger, Studio Production

1988 - Mother Goose: Torch Theatre, Milford Haven - Arranger, Musical Director

1988 - Forgiven Souls: Gwent Ballet Theatre, Wales - Composer

1985 -The Snow Queen: Birmingham Repertory Theatre - Arranger, Musical Director

1982 - The Triumph of Death: Birmingham Repertory Theatre - Composer

1980 - The Ghosts of Riddle-me Heights: Birmingham Rep. – Composer, Musical Director

Musical directon and performance

2021 - Tina, Operettenhaus , Hamburg- Keyboard 1

2020 - Stars on Stage, On Stage, Braunschweig- Musical Director 

2019 - Kiss me Kate: Eutiner Festspiel- Pianist

2019 - MS Europa, NewZeland Musical Director for Jane Comerford 2019 - Auf ins Metropole: Engelsaal Hamburg - Pianist

2018 - Fly me to the Moon: Engelsaal Hamburg - Pianist

2017 - Chicago: Stage School Hamburg - Pianist, Musical Director

2016 - 42nd Street: Stage School Hamburg - Associate Musical Director

2015 - Cats: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2014 -Sunset Boulevade: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2014 -Aida Cruises- Musical Director

2014 -24 Hour Musical: Musical Creations - Musical Director

2014 -17 Das Wunder Von Bern: Stage Entertainment-Keyboards

2013 - Der Graf Von Monte Christo: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2012 - Marie Antoinette: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2011- Sister Act: Stage Entertainment - Keyboards

2011- Crazy for You: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2010 - West Side Story: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2009 - Still Friends: German Tour - Arranger, Musical Director

2009 - Evita: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2008 - present-Lion King: Stage Entertainment - Keyboards

2008 - Footloose: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Keyboards

2007 - Mozart: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2006 - Jeckyl and Hyde: Tecklenburg Freilichtspiel - Ass. Musical Director

2005 - Marie Antoinette: Bremen Musical Theater - Keyboards

2004 - Mamma Mia: Stage Entertainment, Hamburg, Stuttgart - Conductor, Keyboards

2004 - Fosse: European and Japanese Tour - Ass. Musical Director

2004 - Dance of the Vampire: Stage Entertainment - Keyboards

2003 - Bonnie and Clyde: German Tour - Musical Director

2001- The Rat Pack: European Tour - Keyboards

1998 - Die Schöne Und Das Biest European Tour - Keyboards

1996 - Grease: Delphi Theater, Hamburg - Musical Director

1994 - Stella Musical Tour: German Tour - Conductor, Keyboards

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